Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bye-Bye Break-Dave

This week I have to say goodbye to On A Break Dave... after 3 long weeks of having him around he will surely be missed.
Break Dave looks like this:

Here are my favorite parts of Break Dave
   He's willing to pose for ridiculous pictures whenever I want
   He has time to do chores around the house
   He comes to bed with me at the same time everynight
   He goes to chick flicks with me (and sneaks a couple drinks in his coat pockets for us to share)
   He sends me pics of the dogs randomly being cute during the day
   He likes to stay up late having fun, not studying

As Dental School starts back up he will slowly morph back into School Dave...
School Dave looks like this:

always studying and checking email. boo!

(this is what you get when you bring School Dave out of the house and try to get Break Dave to come out)

Sometimes School Dave can be just like Break Dave, and those are the times I love the most :)
This semester I vow to bring Break Dave out more often (I know his friends have missed him).
I will try my hardest, The best way to get him out is with a good shoulder rub, some snacks (cheese and crackers or chips and salsa), a glass of scotch and the promise of a good time!

But for now, we can dream about the days when Break Dave comes back and pulls stunts like this:

Maybe getting School Dave back for a while isn't so bad...

Ps - Sorry babe! You know I love ya! :)


Dave R. said...

Break Dave should be more accessible this semester. I miss him too.

Anonymous said...

hahaha love it

Sarah @ Preaching In Pumps said...

Hey Christine! I'm so glad you found my blog from Leslie's and are hopping on board with WADT! Wear a Dress Wednesday totally counts, too! :)


Anonymous said...

awww!! Bummer! But it will all be worth it in the end :)

opal said...

I laughed out loud at this blog...Break Dave to School Dave,like Jekyl and two are so funny! Love you both!